Clothes do not DEFINE who you are but let them REFLECT what you STAND for


Double sided coats

Sustainable wear

Made in Limited Edition.

Return to a personal relationship with fashion, where trends and seasons  do not matter.

 Empower future generations towards taking small steps to create the change. Ethical and sustainable lifestyle without compromise. 

Create beautifully made clothing for those who care for true sustainability and have a high expectation in the quality and authenticity of the product they invest in.

 Just think…

Realise the political
Power of your

” To slow down the pace of fashion industry, we will have to redefine our relationship with our clothing and focus on what style really means to us, instead of what fashion tells us is trending “

-Stella Hertantyo-


A period of fruition, happiness and beauty…


Some just see cold, some just see snow, I see more beauty…


The exclamation point of an outfit…

 Remember, it’s about the process…

It's NOT about the
the destination.

” We are on a journey of discovery, not knowing what lies ahead yet always looking back remembering where it all began “